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Our Mission

As people every one knows about us that we are producing the technician's.

We want everyone to know the technology's how it works and how it implement. We want every one to be touched on that fields because in now on our future generations everything is going to be a digital worlds where everyone will used there gadget's on there essential life (Daily life) we want them to know how it works what it does.

Our Vision

We want every person to be skill-full in technical fields, We want them to know how these does work.

We want to make Nepal as a widely technical field where everyone knows what they are doing when they are using there daily Life desired devices.

We are trying to make our vision as wide as all over the country which is not develoed on a technicals fields.

We want them to know.

About Us

We are the only one networking campus of Nepal in Networking, IT field.

Networkworld Campus is most ambitious towards the production of best, trained and qualified students and skilled manpower for today’s competitive world.

We gracefully and passionately provide networking training (12 hours per day) to enhance students capability that leads them to gain a wonderful professional personality. Networkworld Campus is established in 2007 A.D. with the commitment to have the networking peak to its students. It is the excellent networking campus of Nepal with experienced and certified P.H.D holders at networking systems (IT), which leads to flawless teaching and management.

We trained our students in a wide area lab for practice purpose along with an aggressive and elevate way to reach the core of IT technology. At the context of Nepal our services is brand new and extra ordinary lesion for career oriented students. We focus on both practical and theoretical learning. We are committed to provide cost effective, career oriented knowledge about IT. We strongly feel for hard working students and talented students from weak background

If you wanna be a perfect IT Engineer then do contact us !